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Maintenance service

Engine Reconditioning

We do in frame repair for partial or total replacement of the engine and also do complete reconditioning of the engine with taking it out of the vehicle.

Transmission Reconditioning

We repair the transmission auxiliaries and reconditioning of the complete transmission as well as the exchange system.

Differential reconditioning

Depending on the damage, we can recondition the components of the differential or partial repairs of the gears. 

Driveshaft reconditioning

We do the replacement of the U-joints and center bearings as well as the straightening and the balancing of the driveshaft.

Reconditioning of steering box

We replace the seals and also have a replacement steering box exchange system.

Brake system repair (drums, brakes and valves)

Our technicians replace the brake system parts carefully. We offer a national warranty on parts and labor on all manufacturing defects.

Electrical system repair (Lights and wiring)

We conduct a thorough inspection of short circuits of electrical systems. All our connectors repaired in shop are welded and sealed before delivery of the vehicle to the customer. We also replace the terminals of the electrical cabling connectors.

Air Conditioning Repair

We perform the analysis of gases (freon) as well as the detection of leaks on the air conditioning components. We also perform the purging and filling of the gas (freon).

Windshield replacement

Our technicians are trained to do the replacement of the windshield directly in the workshop.

Body Repair

We repair and/or replace damaged parts on the vehicle. We also offer the possibility to do the painting job with a high quality subcontractor.


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